Who We Are

Formed in 2018, MGSD Pro Bulgaria specialise in aiding small and medium sized businesses. Our expertise is to recruit highly skilled talent and deliver world class marketing solutions. We Manage, Guide, Supply & Deliver solutions to support SME’s in driving operational costs down, delivering business efficiencies and providing exceptional customer experiences.

MGSDPro experts providing consutancy to clients

About us

MGSD Pro Bulgaria is managed and owned by professionals with a management experience from leading AdTech, Marketing, IT & Financial companies.

Our Experience

With over 30 years’ background in managing every perspective of a business and experience based across the globe.

Our Services

We provide Employee of Record Services, Outsourced Solutions and Marketing Services. From launching a team in Europe, extending your operation, or solving your recruitment skills challenge, we can tailor a solution to deliver your requirements.

Talent solutions

We provide exceptional talent to deliver business results having gone through our robust selection process that ensures you skilled expertise to solve your business challenges and deliver results.


A proven safe pair of hands guiding you though the journey. We deliver Talent solutions that make sense and flexible for your needs.

Our Mission

Your team is an extension of your business without all the hassles that comes with building and maintaining these teams.Deliver business growth by providing expertise services and resource through collaboration, integrity, innovation, fairness, and honesty.


What Our Customers Say

CEO - US Digital Marketing Agency

For us it 3 things we look for in a partner. Language coverage, quality & responsiveness. MGSD Pro deliver and I would recommend them every time.

VP Publisher & Technology Development - US Consulting Company

It is so refreshing to be able to speak to a company that provides a solution to our challenges. I'm so used to trying to solve problems for other companies that dealing with MGSD Pro is an absolute pleasure. The key for us is speed and flexibility and MGSD Pro deliver on this time and time again.

Head of Paid Search - UK Media Agency

It is a pleasure working with MGSD Pro. The speed, commitment and results achieved outperformed our expectations. Their transparency, communication and professionalism support the integration into our local team.

Chief Commercial Officer - UK Retail Company

Nearshoring for us felt like a big change to our business model. We are glad we chose MGSD Pro who have supported us on every step of the journey and completed a seamless transition process. We have reduced operational costs by over 40% and providing our customers with an enhanced service.

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All you need to know about outsourcing labor resources from Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Facts

Part of the EU

4th Fastest European service in mobile high-speed Internet

Over 30% of working age people speak English

41% of adults have at least one university degree

6.9 million population

10% corporate tax

Over 10% of Bulgarian exports is High-Tech

Great talent at completive rates

12 Interesting Facts about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries established in 681 AD

Since then, Bulgaria is the only one that hasn’t changed its name.

1/3 of the country is covered in forest

Birthplace of Cyrillic script

Never been colonized

Bulgaria ranks third in Europe for the number of its valuable archaeological monuments after Italy and Greece

The Bulgarian army has never lost a single flag in battle

Bulgaria is fourth in the world in per capita university education

Bulgaria produced as much as 85% of the world’s rose oil

The Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which gives the unique taste of yoghurt can be found only in Bulgaria

World’s first digital wristwatch was developed by the Bulgarian, Peter Petroff

The first electronic computer was invented by John Vincent Atanasoff who has a Bulgarian origin