Our employer of record services provide exceptional talent to deliver business results. Connect with us and discover how we can support you with talent solutions that make sense and are flexible for your needs.

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Employer of record

Our employer of record services can support you finding and managing your employees in Bulgaria to ensure all local laws are adhered. Solve talent solutions.


Our Marketing-as-a-Service solution is a tailored solution that delivers marketing services from strategy development right through to marketing planning and execution.


Realise your potential by utilising the best talent in the appropriate part of your business. We are experts in identifying the right talent, helping them grow, and retaining them.

New ideas and contributions

We are a company that helps with new ideas and contributions. We use our experience to help you find your own, so you can focus on what is important - growing your business.

Our Process

Consult ➫ Plan ➫ Execute ➫ Evaluate ➫ Adapt

This is how we do it

We tailor our process to fit with your requirements.


Partnering and integrating you requires us to fully understand your business. Investing in getting to know each other ensures the right fit and supports us in ensuring our unique solutions are specifically designed with you to fit you.


Following on from our consult phase, we review, analyse, and build our plan. We will present you with our findings and advice. We will work with you to refine and agree the final plan to excel together.


Execution is more crucial than planning. With a robust plan in place, we will ensure resources are trained, processes are documented. Implementing quality assessments to deliver the plan.


Reviewing performance on a regular basis and evaluating what is working and where efforts are needed.


Following evaluation and feedback we can make the minor adjustment required to keep the plan on course.

How do we help you save valuable time and resources

Step 1: Find the right talent

We match the right skills and talent in line with your guiding principles

Step 2: Ensure compliance

We will make sure all local laws are adhered to ensure your compliance and safety as a business.

Step 3: Retain and grow your labor resources

We are experts in identifying the right talent, helping them grow, and retaining them.


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Interesting facts about Bulgaria

What you should know


The local currency Bulgarian Lev will soon be replaced by the Euro.


The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia.


Bulgaria is situated in South Eastern Europe.


The official language in the country is Bulgarian.


The Bulgarian population is 6 948 445 and is declining.


$58 220 000 000

GDP Growth

The estimated Gross Domestic Product growth is 3.81%.

Ease of doing business


World GDP share


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