Our Services

We provide EOR services and talent solutions that make sense and flexible for your needs. In a growing world of mobile talent, you no longer need to search just in your location for the right talent. Our Employer of Record Services can support you finding and managing your employees in Bulgaria to ensure all local laws are adhered. Ensuring your compliance and safety as a business.

MGSDPro EOR services

Solved by our EOR Services

Allow you to hire full-time workers in Bulgaria legally

Run Payroll, in full compliance with local legislations

Tax obligations, including handling both employee and business taxes

Handle benefits administration

Elements of HR, including working hours, vacation days and sick leaves

Drafting of locally compliant employment contracts and other required HR documentation

Benefits of our EOR Service

No need to set up a local entity

Onboard the best talent in Bulgaria in a compliant way

Hire full-time employees risk-free

No need to learn about local labour laws and payroll regulations

Ability to test the local labour market


We provide you guidance on all the local contract, benefits, and paid leave requirements to help you stay in compliance and understand your total in-country social costs

Working hours

Compensation and bonuses

Termination and severance

Maternity and sick leave

Vacation and holidays

Health coverage


We have over 20 years of experience in outsourcing and managing outsourced teams from being the client as well as being the provider. We understand the challenges and rewards of partnering with an outsourced team.

Outsourcing services

Remote talent, at location or hybrid

Flexibility is at the heart of what employees want. At MGSD Pro we believe that as a flexible employer, you get the most out of your team. There are situations where a team working together in one location is optimal to deliver performance.

We offer a variety of solutions based on your requirement. These include building remote teams, at-location teams, or hybrid teams.

Scale Faster Work Smarter

Getting results is what it’s all about. Delivering against skill, operational, or costs challenges is where we thrive. You are here because you need an answer. Let us help you solve these challenges.

Areas we can support:

Account management



Customer support and service

IT Developers


Translation projects


We design marketing solutions that help companies grow. Our Marketing-as-a-Service solution is a tailored solution that delivers marketing services from strategy development right through to marketing planning and execution.

Marketing services

Online Strategy Development

Following on from our Consult stage, we will build your short, medium, and long-term online marketing plan.

Focusing on your objectives to ensure you have a plan that can be executed and within a realistic budget.

We evaluate your target audience, ideal customer, and budgets and provide guidance on the right online channels and strategy to achieve your goals.

Our delivered strategy can include plans for

Annual Marketing Calendar


Recommended exhibition attendance


Email campaigns (Customers, Prospects)

Advertising campaigns

Company milestones

Case studies

Blogs, Newsletters, Whitepapers

Customer focus group / round tables

Awards internal/external

Marketing budget plan

Once the strategy is delivered, we can continue to support your team to execute the plan, be an advisor or our team can execute the plan for you.

Marketing Management

Our tailored plans are flexible, and we can manage one part of your marketing plan/activity or can fully manage your full online presence. We will support your team in creating, planning, and implementing your strategies. Use our experience and expertise to mentor your team is delivering your business goals.

Marketing Execution

Utilise our marketing team to deliver your marketing. From providing an individual resource to execute specific parts of your plan or a whole team of people dedicated to you.

Employer of Record Service (EOR)

Struggling with resources but want to keep your marketing management in-house? Our employer of record service can provide resources to you on a full-time basis or contract basis to execute on your behalf. See our Employer of record service for more details.