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Solving the recruitment challenge

Recruiting, managing & retaining your team is a challenge. Drive consistency and longevity by working with an outsourced partner.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing allows you the ability to scale and provides you access to skilled expertise, flexible staffing, increasing efficiency while reducing turnaround time and overhead without the investment in space & recruitment.

How does it Work?

It's about You!

Understanding your business, your culture, your goals and objectives is key to us building a strong outsourced solution for you. After all its your business.

What are the Advantages of outsourcing?

  • Outsourcing lets you focus on core activities.

  • Access to skilled resources.

  • Increased efficiency.

  • No investment in space.

  • The most obvious and visible benefit relates to the cost savings that outsourcing brings.

What can an MGSD Pro offer?

End-to-end recruitment

  • Once we have agreed the requirements of your business, we’ll handle the entire enrollment procedure, ensuring we locate the correct experts quickly and efficiently.

  • We handle negotiation and offer extension to the chosen candidates and all of the necessary paperwork.


  • We arrange the perfect working space to accommodate them.

  • We handle on boarding and basic training.

  • We provide a complete physical and technical setup working with you to ensure your team has the right environment to succeed.

  • We work with you to ensure the right technology connections are in place.

Legal & Administration Handling

  • We take care of all the legal and administrative processing of paperwork required.

  • This includes employment contracts, holiday and sick leave, payroll management, social contributions and tax expenses … We handle it all, no need for you to worry about or get involved with any of it.

Operations Support

  • Your dedicated Account Manager as a single point of contact.

  • Performance reporting and reviews.

HR & Performance Management

  • We will work with you to ensure a successful integration to your team.

  • We provide local management to ensure quality and consistency of performance.

  • Employee satisfaction is key to a high level of retention and optimal performance. We continually work with our teams to ensure satisfaction.

Our Services

We can help, at a sensible cost and with no need for major investment.

Next Steps

Connect with us to discuss your current challenges and let us help you tailor a solution.

About MGSD Pro

We Manage, Guide, Supply & Deliver highly skilled talent to support you in driving operational costs down, delivering business efficiencies and providing exceptional customer experiences.

Based in Bulgaria, we specialise in providing an outsourced nearshore business development, customer service and back office teams specifically designed with you to fit your goals, objectives and culture. Your team is an extension of your business without all the hassles that comes with building and maintaining these teams.

MGSD Pro is managed and owned by leading industry professionals with a background from global leading media, adtech, marketing, IT & finance companies based in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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